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It Starts with US

It Starts with Us The Book of Nominee for Best Romance 2022 PDF.

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre : New Adult & College Romance Books, Contemporary Romance Books, Contemporary Women Fiction

Related issues: Divorce, verbal and non-verbal violence, sexual violence

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Description :

It Starts with us summary: Lily’s divorce from Ryle made her have to adapt to the upbringing of their daughter, Emy. But at that time Lily met her first love, Atlas Corrigan after more than a year of separation. She immediately agreed to an offer to date from Atlas. However, her happiness soon vanished when she remembered her relationship with Ryle, that even though they were divorced, Ryle was still Emy’s father. Lily has concerns that Ryle will do bad things to the two people she loves, Emy and Atlas. Surely Atlas would be someone Ryle hated if he was in his ex-wife Lily’s life.

Characters in It Starts with us summary:

Corrigan’s Atlas, Lily Bloom, Lucy, Theo, Josh, Emmy, Marshall, Alisha, Ryle

Lily is a tough and brave woman. She protects and fights for her child Emmy. Meanwhile, Atlas is a gentle and loving man even though he actually has a past trauma. But even so, Atlas is a wise person, so he never takes it out on the people around him, instead, he is a person with empathy and positive vibes. How Atlas can be this positive person in the midst of his trauma and loneliness is interesting.

Ryle, who is Lily’s ex-husband and also Emmy’s father, is a man who has a bad temper and is manipulative. The violence that Lily got from her ex-husband was not only non-verbal but also verbal and sexual violence. Ryle in this book was formed as a result of a trauma that happened in his past. This trauma shaped Ryle’s current character, but even so, Ryle had a great family.

The characters of Alyssa and Marshall are the two people who support Lily and take good care of Ryle. Ryle’s situation is a special attraction to find out, such as the figure of Atlas’s stepfather, Tim, which the writer doesn’t talk about much. It could be to make the story effective or so that the reader can focus on the core story in this book. But it seems that this is not a big problem, because readers would want to focus more on the perfection of Altas Corrigan.

Plot and Setting of Places in It Starts with us summary:

It Starts with us summary: The plot in this book is fast-paced with a forward-paced story, although there are lots of flashbacks when the author tells the diary written by the novel’s character. The settings of the places that the writer takes in the story are, among others, Bibz Resto, Corrigan’s Resto, Atlas’ house, Alyssa’s house, and several other places.

Conflict in It Starts with Us:

It Starts with us summary: A love story between Lily and Atlas, which is hindered by Lily’s ex-husband. Ryle is certainly the biggest conflict in this story. Even though Ryle is divorced from Lily, in fact, he still hopes that he can return to his ex-wife. Ryle considered Atlas to be the cause of his divorce from Lily, he really hated Atlas. However, Ryle’s rude and manipulative behavior made Lily reluctant to be with Ryle. Lily was afraid to make a decision with Atlas because it was risky, even though on the other hand she wanted to fight for her own happiness.

Lily’s worries increased when she remembered her daughter Emmy. She was worried that Ryle would hurt Emmy if Lily decided to be with Atlas, the boy she loves. Lily is worried that Ryle will do bad things to Emmy even though he is Emmy’s biological father considering that Ryle has issues of anger and emotional destruction as well. Lily sacrificed many things to keep Emmy from losing a father figure and a son figure for Ryle.

From Atlas Corrigan’s side in It Starts with Us, he is a man who is confronted with trauma from his own mother. The mother who was supposed to protect little Atlas, actually left him. After years his mother ignored him and broke off relations with him suddenly contacted him again. Atlas’s childhood was really not easy because he had a mother who was unstable, didn’t care about him, was manipulative, and even violent towards him.

What’s interesting about It Starts with us summary:

It Starts with us summary: You can still imagine how phenomenal the first book of the story of Lily and Atlas in It Ends with Us was, which was crowned as a book this year and made into a film. The question that arises in the reader’s mind for the first time when he hears It Starts with Us summary, which is a continuation of the book It End with Us, is this book as good as the first? This is of course a curiosity for many people, especially readers who have followed this story from the beginning.

The above question turns out to have answers that make the readers happy, this is because this second book, It Starts with Us is even more intense and profound. From Lily and Atlas’s perspective, readers will be given the opportunity to better understand how Lily and Atlas feel, think, and experience. Their relationship, which is overshadowed by Ryle’s threatening attitude and temperamental figure, will make the reader catch awareness messages about manipulative actions, silent treatment, and gaslighting.

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It Starts with us summary

It Starts with us summary

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