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It Starts with US

It Starts with Us The Book of Nominee for Best Romance 2022 FreePDF Download.

Author: Colleen Hoover

Genre : New Adult & College Romance Books, Contemporary Romance Books, Contemporary Women Fiction

Related issues: Divorce, verbal and non-verbal violence, sexual violence


About It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover

Delve into the profound depths of literature with “It Starts with Us PDF” by Colleen Hoover, captivating readers across the globe. In this article, we embark on an exploration of the novel’s intricate themes, compelling characters, and the powerful narrative that unfolds within its pages.

A book with a background from many fans who were inspired by the story in the first book, I think It Starts with Us pdf is intended for fans who have followed ther story from the beginning. Speaking of inspiration, the interesting thing from Colleen Hoover’s media interviews is that in writing ther book, Colleen Hoover was also inspired by her personal story. 

Colleen Hoover experienced parts of the story in her own book. Lily, who is a character in ther book, finds strength as her mother used to. Her mother abandoned her father when she was 2 years old. Her mother received little external support and, worse, no financial support. Another part that she experienced was Emy’s parenting type. In her story in the past, her mother had to undergo custody with her father for 18 year.

It Starts with Us is a young adult fiction genre that raises several sensitive issues such as divorce, domestic violence, and sexual violence. Therefore, some scenes may be triggers for some people who have experienced trauma in their lives. But actually in the book, Colleen just wants to give an overview of toxic relationships and at the same time a guide to avoid toxic relationships. Moreover, ther book will inspire readers to believe in love, second chances, power and do the best for the people you love.




Profile – 


Author of It


Starts with



A woman whose real name is Margaret Colleen Fenneli was born in Sulfur Spring, Texas, United States of America on December 11, 1979. The name Colleen Hoover, which became popular as it is today, she got after her marriage to Heath Hoover in 2000. From her marriage, Colleen Hoover has 3 sons and lives in her hometown, Texas.

Colleen’s love of writing started when she developed a habit of writing short stories for friends and family at only 5 years old. Colleen’s writing career began in 2011 when she wrote her first book, Slammed, with no intention of getting published. She published ther book herself with the help of her brother, a designer and editor, in January 2012 on Amazon Kindle. 

Ther first book was phenomenal and made it into the New York Times bestseller list and was nominated for an award by the Goodreads Choice Award in the Best Young Adult Fiction category. Sales of her first book increased fast after getting 5 stars from book blogger Marsye Black.

Almost every year Colleen Hoover publishes books and now there are 23 books that she has published, including Slammed (2012), Point of Retreat (2012), Ther Girl (2013), Hopeless (2013), Losing Hope (2013), Cinderella (2014), Maybe Someday (2014), Maybe Not (2014), Ugly Love (2014), Never Never (2015), Confess (2015), November 9 (2015), Too Late (2016), It Ends with Us (2016), Without Merit (2017), All Your Perfects (2018), Verity (2018), Maybe Now (2018), Regretting You (2019), Heart Bones (2020), Layla (2020), and Reminders of Him (2022), It Starts with Us (2022).


Book Review – It Starts with Us

It Starts with Us pdf is divided into 37 chapters, about the twists and turns of Lily and Atlas who finally get back together. Lily’s past trauma made her decide to divorce her husband, Ryle, for Emerson, her daughter. After nearly a year of divorce, she met Atlas, her first love.

It Starts with Us, the book which was released on October 18, has succeeded in making many of its readers fall in love with the story in it. The story is relatively simple about Lily who is in love with her first love but has worries for her son Emerson. Because of his relationship with Ryle as Emerson’s parents, she was afraid that Ryle would do bad things. Meanwhile, in the other one, Atlas, who loves Lily, can only provide support for Lily with the decisions she makes.

In this book, Collen Hoover describes Atlas Corrigan is a man who has the perfect character. The question that arises in the reader’s mind is of course how to find a man like Atlas Corrigan in life or does a man like Atlas really exist in the world? Other characters such as Alyssa as Ryle’s sister who always supports Lily are also very great. There was also Marshall who was beside Lily when she needed someone. Then Theo and Josh who taught great friendships.

It Starts with Us pdf is a light reading, the moment told when Lily felt butterflies while with Atlas. The character of Atlas has managed to melt the hearts of readers and become a should go down in history as the best Golden Retriever boy in the history of book boyfriends ever! Download now!

Navigating the Narrative

At the heart of “It Starts with Us PDF” lies a mesmerizing narrative that draws readers into its world from the very first page. We follow the journey of protagonists Lily and Atlas as they navigate the complexities of life, love, and self-discovery. From the novel’s poignant beginning to its impactful conclusion, we unravel the layers of emotion and meaning interwoven throughout the story.

Character Portrayals

Central to the allure of “It Starts with Us PDF” are its finely crafted characters, Lily and Atlas, each with their own unique struggles and strengths. Through their experiences, we explore themes of resilience, empathy, and the transformative power of connection. Join us as we delve into the depth of their characterizations and witness their profound evolution throughout the novel.

Themes Explored

“It Starts with Us PDF” delves into profound themes that resonate deeply with readers. From the exploration of identity and forgiveness to the complexities of relationships and personal growth, Colleen Hoover masterfully navigates universal truths with insight and sensitivity. Through the lens of Lily and Atlas’s journey, we contemplate the profound impact of our choices and the importance of empathy and understanding in shaping our lives.


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